Annandale and Nithsdale Community Benefit Company Board Members

The ANCBC Board is made up of directors drawn from the membership. At any one time there will be between one and four directors from each of the areas nominated as East, South and West.

Board Members are:

East: David Booth – Moffat (Chair)

East: Helen Haggart – Lockerbie (Treasurer)

East: David Roulston – Kirkmichael

East: Liam O’Neill – Moffat

West: Alistair McFadzean – Dunscore

West: Alice Stilgoe – Penpont

West: Moira McCrossan – Glencairn

West: Robert Gladstone – Keir (Vice-Chair)

South: Robert Watson – Torthorwald

Board Observer:
Gillian Arnot from Scottish Power Renewables

ANCBC is currently seeking new Board members for the South area.

Being a Board member enables you to make a contribution to your community, enhance your personal skills and gain valuable experience whilst working with a variety of interesting local people.

If you are resident of one of the eligible areas, you may be able to stand for election onto the ANCBC Board of Directors. To do this you initially need to be appointed as a member of ANCBC by your Community Council.

Please click Director recruitment information for more information about becoming an ANCBC Director.