Annandale and Nithsdale Community Benefit Company Board Members

The ANCBC Board is made up of directors drawn from the membership. At any one time there will be between one and four directors from each of the areas nominated as East, South and West.

Board Members are:

East: Martin Brown – Kirkpatrick Juxta (Chairman)
East: David Booth – Moffat
East: Helen Haggart – Lockerbie (Treasurer)

South: Murdoch Macpherson – Dalton & Carrutherstown
South: Rory MacKail – Dalton & Carrutherstown
South: Russell Stuart – Heathhall
South: Sheila Farries – Lochside & Woodlands

West: Alistair McFadzean – Dunscore
West: Mike Steele – Closeburn
West: Moira McCrossan – Glencairn
West: Robert Gladstone – Keir

Board Observer:
Gillian Arnot from Scottish Power Renewables