Applications to the Main Fund

Full details of eligibility and other criteria are outlined in the ANCBC Fund Factsheet 2021Please read this before applying.

Two levels of award are available for activities that benefit the local community. The amount and type of information required from applicants differs depending on the size of application being made but some match funding is required for all awards.
  • Small grants: £500 – £5,000: A minimum of 25% match funding is required. Please read the ANCBC Fund Factsheet 2021 before completing the Small Application Form, which you can fill in online here. An application form is also available to download.
  • Large grants £5,001 – £20,000: A minimum of 50% match funding is required. Awards can be multi-year in nature, up to a maximum of 3 years. The total amount requested over the years should not exceed £20,000. Please read the ANCBC Fund Factsheet 2021  before completing the Large Application Form, which you can complete online here. Alternatively, a download large application form.
  • Please email or call 01557 814927 if you have any questions about the application forms or process.

The fund operates approximately 3 rounds per year. Future dates are:

Last date for applications

Board Meeting

  Friday 19th March 2021

  May 2021
                     Thursday 29th July 2021                          October 2021
                   Friday, 3rd December 2021 February 2022


Community Council Local Grant Scheme (CC LGS)

Established Community Councils in the ANCBC area of benefit have annual amounts of money to administer a Local Grants Scheme (CC LGS). See CC LGS page for full information.